Senior Frontend Developer Job Profile, Responsibilities, Requirements

And to do this effectively, a senior frontend developer must know how to utilize view-layer-oriented and component-based frameworks like React.js and Vue.js. Some organizations fail to understand the core difference between the job types of junior and senior front-end developers, and they often end up choosing the wrong person for the job. Therefore, you must determine the fine line that separates a senior from a junior. However, we won’t deny the fact that finding a person with all the technical skills and openness for teamwork is not easy. You have to go through a large number of applications to find the best fit.

To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up some common questions you might be asked during a senior frontend developer job interview. You should analyze their problem-solving capabilities and behavior regarding teamwork and look for the best answers to shortlist the best applicants for the next step. This hiring model saves your recruitment cost and gives access to a broad range of expert front-end developers.

Common Senior Director Interview Questions

Frontend developers are responsible for creating the look, feel, and behavior of a website or application. This is the obvious first step you need to take to become a senior frontend developer, and it is to be proficient in core frontend technologies. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the fundamental building blocks of any web application, and a deep understanding of these technologies is essential for anyone looking to advance in the field.

  • Scrum is a simple framework that helps people, organizations, and teams generate value by providing many solutions to complicated problems.
  • Working as a senior frontend developer requires you to be able to collaborate and communicate effectively with other developers and designers on a project.
  • This question is designed to gauge a potential hire’s experience with this type of system and how comfortable they are using it.
  • If you’re familiar with React, Angular, or Vue, explain what projects you’ve used them for and how your experience has helped you become a better developer.

On the other hand, CSS is a design language that helps create visual structure and aesthetics of applications. Furthermore, senior front-end developers take over the entire development workflow process by composing terms of references and technical specifications. Likewise, seniors are also counted on for defining calculated risks with projects, especially those with a high budget.


The estimated average salary of a senior front-end developer in the United States with a proper educational background in computer sciences is $119,989 per year. The amount covers the basic annual pay of $100,212 with additional bonuses or commissions of $19,777 per annum. They should know which color combination and font family to use to make the front end more appealing.

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Come learn the basics and gain the skills you need to write your first line of code! Gain fluency in JavaScript — the world’s most popular programming language — and start leveraging its versatile capabilities to build rich, interactive websites and applications. This course is offered in person and live online, in a remote classroom setting… Welcome to Introduction to Front-End Development, the first course in the Meta Front-End Developer program. This course is a good place to start if you want to become a web developer.

Senior Frontend Software Developer

To be a successful frontend developer, you need to stay abreast of the latest tools, techniques, and frameworks. This question allows the interviewer to gauge your knowledge and understanding of the field, as well as your dedication to staying current. You should start by discussing the importance of accessibility, and how it is a key component of creating an inclusive web experience. Talk about the tools you use to check for accessibility, such as automated testing tools or manual testing processes. You can also discuss any processes you have in place to ensure that your code meets accessibility standards, like peer reviews or regular audits.

Debugging is a key skill for any frontend developer, but it’s especially important for senior-level positions. This question is designed to test your problem-solving and troubleshooting skills, as well as your knowledge of the latest tools and techniques for debugging complex web applications. The interviewer wants to see that you can identify and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Web developers need to understand how to create performant, user-friendly web applications. This question helps the interviewer gauge your knowledge of frontend development best practices.

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You can hire individual remote workers or a full professional team to augment your existing staff. Likewise, they need to monitor the performance of the UI to ensure it is responsive and does not lag. Another major responsibility of a senior front-end developer is to design a maintenance schedule. The senior front-end developer’s core responsibility is to add new features to an application. However, they are in charge of performing this duty from the user-centered design approach.

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Businesses must understand the skill sets to look for in a senior front-end developer before making a decision. Senior front-end developers have to wear different hats because of their position. While there are many responsibilities of an experienced front-end web developer, here are the six most important ones you should consider.

Proficiency in core frontend technologies

The interviewer will also want to know that you understand the importance of creating code that is modular, reusable, and easy to debug. Front-end senior-level developers have huge responsibilities on their shoulders. They are countable for accurate documentation, building new and improved features, and prototyping the idea. Moreover, they are also answerable for optimizing solutions and debugging errors in the system.

senior frontend developer

Typescript features will be introduced in the context of Angular as part of the exercises. You will also get an introduction to the use of Angular Material and Angular Flex-Layout for responsive UI design. You will be introduced to various aspects of Angular including components, directives and… Scrum is a lean structure for communicating, designing, and promoting complex products, with a focus on programming development. It has been applied to a variety of areas, including manufacturing, testing, new technology, and marketing techniques. Scrum is a simple framework that helps people, organizations, and teams generate value by providing many solutions to complicated problems.

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