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2D Animation

2D Animation is a great way of ensuring that your message gets delivered to your audience in a way that is both compelling and relatable. We aim to convert any ideas that you bring to us into refined animations. We provide full scale services starting from the conceptualization of the idea at the pre-production stage to the edits in the post production stage. We’re your one stop design solution!

Stages of 2D Production

This stage starts from the ideation, and includes the storyboard and voice overs. This is the stage where your story is taking its shape. During this stage, we animate the art work and work with the layers to create seamless movement that pulls the story together. This is the stage where our creative juices really get flowing! This stage includes finishing touches and the edits. We also incorporate the sound at this stage and pull it all together into the perfect animation.

Why Choose Us?

At AA Studios, we work closely with our clientele to figure out their needs so that we can seamlessly translate your values into a visual representation of what you’re looking for. We produce websites, apps and content that is the right fit for your target audience. There is no limit to what you can accomplish within the digital age in today’s world.

2D Animation PRODUCTS

2D Animation Products


Kids Animation Production

Commercial Prodution

2D Animation TV Series

White Board Animation

2D Music Video

2D Explainer video

2D Product Animations

2D Animation Design


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