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Deer Squad
3D Animation

Deer Squad is one of the most exciting projects that we have onboard. An exciting project by Nick Jr, the story follows four young deer on their quest to protect the animals that live in the forest and the people that live in the city. Arts & Animation Studio has looked at 3D Animation for this project and it is one of those projects that reflects highly on the quality of work that our team conducts given that it is scrutinized in accordance to the standards set by one of the biggest names in the industry.

Time Traveller
3D Animation

An award winning animated show, the story follows Luke on his quest to find his grandfather. Navigating time, space and scary enemies is never easy, but someone has to do it!Arts & Animation Studio was in charge of the 3D Animation for this project. All production was completed in-house.

Space Nova
3D Animation

Reach for the stars and you’ll find.. Jet and Adelaide up to their usual shenanigans! Sometimes mind blowing adventures go hand in hand with school homework and that’s okay - life’s all about balance! One of our most exciting 3D Animation projects, our team worked day and night to make it happen!

3D Product

A UK based vape company, Arts & Animation Studio has worked with them to create their product design and logo. Ensuring that the essence of the brand shines through the design and the logo encapsulates everything they stand for.
Creativity and innovation hand in hand is our go-to every step of the way.

2D logo

A Malaysia based organization in the Testing and Inspection industry, there is a lot of culture behind the formulation of the company. Keeping in mind the thought and ideation gone into every step of this company’s formulation, Arts & Animation Studio created a dynamic logo for them that signifies controlled and thoughtful action.

HAT Exchange
2D Animation

An exciting virtual wallet, HAT Exchange is one step forward towards a digital future. Arts & Animation Studio worked on an easy to understand explainer video for this organization. This is one way to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Understanding new tech doesn’t have to be boring, we’re here to show you how.

Just Yap
2D Animation

Just Yap is an excellent way of staying connected globally. It’s a tech product that is supposed to be easy to use and convenient. One way of making sure that all the right features are highlighted? Our explainer videos! Check it out, we hope you like it.

Art & Design

Kumorai is a SaaS platform that provides clean technical solutions to its clients and enables them to have a secure multi cloud network. Arts & Animation Studio is engaged with making sure that their aesthetic and vision shines through their digital presence.